• Emotional Detox Through Mindfulness with Ashley May 2nd

    Sunday May 2nd 1 to 3 pm @ West Milford Farm

    Feeling stuck in old thought patterns such as stress, unhappiness or negativity? Using the practice of mindfulness, learn tools to break those patterns of the mind and rescue yourself from toxic emotions. Learn to live life in a truly peaceful and joyful way using these tools. This workshop will include gentle mindful movement and meditation.

    Testimonials:  “Once you learn these concepts from Ashley, you cannot unlearn them! It changes the way you see life and will shift your entire perspective.” Kathleen Silverstein


    What Ashley teaches you in this class, challenges you to think in a new and different way. The concepts are both deep, and truly simple to embrace!” Tina Barr

    Ashley Baer is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Mindfulness & Meditation teacher as well as a Health & Wellness Coach and educator. She is also featured as a meditation teacher on the app Insight Timer. 


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